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Prominent (in) - известный
Ех. CFAR, a Berkeley, Calif.-based nonprofit, is prominent in the growing "rationality movement," which explores the science of optimized decision-making

Offset - возмещать
Loan delinquency - просрочка займа
Overdue - просроченный

Scot-free - безнаказанный
Up front - авансом, вперед
Ex. Schools get their money up front via student loans; if students are unable to pay the loans back, the burden falls on taxpayers (if the loan was "guaranteed" by the federal government), and the students themselves, while the schools get off scot-free.

Willy-nilly - волей-неволей' желая того или нет
Ex. When tne boss fell sick, she willy-nilly found herself directing the projесt.

Wacky - разг. Странный, чокнутый, идиотский

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